Equally, weddings are very important and honorary event of founding couples in charge of birth reproducing and developing human generations from one to another decade especially they have to construct their reputations for their children. According the traditions, their children are given the surname the great grandfather’s names who was the first beginning of the household.

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All the people who fill with the privileges and rights to get married have to arrange wedding ceremonies and plan to invite number of friends, cousins, neighbors and other people whom they have known to attend their ceremonies on the purpose of getting honorary warming pray and good luck of praying words made by their honorary people.

Of course, Sawin has been invited by his friends to join the weddings such as Kong Vanna’s at Chen La Cultural Center, Kheng Dararith’s at ex-T3 Restaurant, Neum Vuthda’s at Phka Chhouk Tep IV restaurant, Vy Yanna’s at Piphoup Thmei restaurant, Sorn Serey’s at Chen La Cultural Center, Ms Quenie’s at Piphoup Thmei restaurant, Hom Sony’s at Taing Kork village in Batheay district in Kampong Cham province, his younger sister Oeur Rath Munny’s at his hometown village named Taing Kork village in February 2010, his aunt Troip’s daughter’s wedding at Sangkat Teouk Thla in Khan Sen Sok in 2010, his cousin Sam Sok Lin’s wedding at Koh Dach village in Kandal province in 2009, his friend Ratana’s older sister’s wedding in Khan Mean Chey in April 2010, his cousin sister Our Srey Ruos in 2008 at his hometown, Sar Ratha’s wedding at Tonle Basak Restaurant (Phnom Penh), Soeung Borarith’s wedding in Sangkat Boeung Kak I, Khan Tuol Kok, his adopted older sister Tep Linda’s daughters’ (Tep Dara) wedding at Phka Chhouk Tep restaurant closed to Cambodiana, his uncle Seung Sam Oeun’s daughter’s (Oeur Sok San) wedding in Preak Phnov village in Ponhea Leou district in Kandal province, Uncle Ouch Vor’s daughter’s wedding in Sam Bou village in Sam Bou district in Kampong Cham province, San Sam Onn’s at Samaki Restaurant in Preak Leap resort, Nim Vuthda’s younger sister’s at Rokakong II commune in Kandal province, Kim Sokhim’s cousin sister’s at Preak Kdam in Kandal, Sok Keang’s at Preak Tamak in Kandal province,. Particularly, Sawin attended Yeum Savath’s wedding at Prey Chhrov village, Moukampoul district, Vath Chhay’s wedding at Piphoup Thmei, Khan Daun Penh, Mith Chanthy’s wedding at Phka Chhouk Thmei near Wat Phnom in 2011, Chea Chanthy’s wedding at Boeung Meas Restaurant on 2nd April 2011.

Sawin has joined in weddings with his friends to wish the new couples good luck, good health, good happiness and success in their lives and have prosperous businesses inside the household. Moreover, all the wedding ceremony invitations are faced the most important to keep our friend connections in the society. Friends could bring us the bad freedback of things if s/he thinks only short time, self-consideration without thinking about the friends’ absentia, and not consider about real reasons and matters especially s/he is careless and focused on self-benefit. Friends could bring us the good things because s/he never thinks about the appearances, races, belief, religions, properties, the absentia at wedding ceremonies and self-benefits, but the good friends think about hearted feelings the attitudes towards their communications. Good friends always focus the real reasons and never mind if his friends did not join his weddings. Good friends make us feel hopeful and satisfied of what passed away. Good friends only think positively even if their friends have made mistakes. There were also other weddings that Sawin did not mentioned because they were too long time.

In sum up, the wedding attendances are very significant as mentioned above due to we have just known other people and talking to them so excited. Traditionally in Cambodia, wedding attendances usually make the honorary guests to bring their friends to join the ceremony with them.


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