It was the one of the high school history that the first batch were challenging their capacity to get through the exam and promoting the high school reputation. Particularly, the annual party took place in the direct area. Sawin participated in the annual party of Serey Mongkoul High School which was arranged for one month of vacation after the students had finished one semester.
This was the quarter party normally approved the principle and regulations of the public school systems.

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All the students had to share their personal budget together to make this event taking place. It was the month of March before the Khmer Happy New Year coming soon in April 1998. Sawin and his classmates took a vocation by the year of 1998 which was the General Examination Arrangement in July and August which would take place in Preak Onh Chanh High School (named called Chea Sim Preak Onh Chanh High School).
[Image]There were a lot of students attending in the annual event in Serey Mongkoul High School campus especially every class and grade. This party was established to promote and encourage students who strived hard in their study in the previously ongoing years were setting up to get through the final General Exam. The National Educational Examination (Bacc II) was coming soon in the a few following months due to the exam schedule by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS). In the season of March, most of the public teachers and school principles throughout the country had to take relax for one month. Here was the big annual event presented by the high school principle Mr. Sanh in charge of whole school management meeting requirements made by the teachers and students to have meeting to discuss about how many kinds of food and drinks to be prepared for this year school party. By the year 1998, there were 96 students in Grade 12, was the first batch students for pre-opening high school from the ex-secondary school, were about to attend the exam together by late 1998.

In addition, attending this party, Sawin joined with his classmates mixed two rooms together based on the party session. The party was prepared to celebrate in front of their classes in ques to welcome other classes, teachers and principle. All the students cooperated with classmates to organizing the party place by bringing out the tables and chairs from the school rooms. Around 11.00am the party was began with the attendances of the teachers and school principle to join having food and drinks such as Kerry soups with breads, Khmer noodle, fruit juices, some beers, fried and drilled fish and so on. Sawin with his friends and teachers were talking something happily and committing to do the best for the General Examination (Bacc II).

Last, the party ended around 14.30pm in the afternoon with the happiness and hopefulness making all the attendees have more smoothly closed, understandable and memorable as the documented for the following batches. The whole school became quiet after 16.30pm leaving the campus with some rubbishes after the party because all the students had gone home and rest.


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