In September 21, 2010 at 5.40pm until 7.33pm, there was an evening party of meeting and talking friends in a very simple restaurant with the participants of youth including Oeur Sawin, Phan Phanak, Kong Vanna, Younly Serey Arun, Phan Phanith and Ouch Hoeun. This restaurant is in the West of San Sam Kosal pagoda approximately 70 meters in Sangkat Beung Tompun, Khan Mean Cheny sold the grilled with beers. Sawin was invited to join the evening friend party to release stressed feelings after job performance time in order to take short time to talk with his friends and have some drinks together. This small evening party consisted of sex participants when Ouch Hoeun holding a couple of chopsticks in his hand and smiling to his friends as his picture was taken. They gave a simple smile forward the Digital Camera Sony Ericsson K800i flashing the light in front of the party desk. This event is to set up to make sure that friends who were working with each other in the past period still keep each other in touch even if Sawin just left them for a short course training but they commonly share hope. 

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They ordered grilled beef with onions, water lily, lemon grass, unpaired leaves, carrot slices, banana slices, Anchor beer in regular jugs, bok choy and sauce blended together more delicious. After Phanith joked and went home ahead Vanna and Arun still raised some comedies even if Hoeun wanted to order more food and drinks. This party just remained 3 people Sawin, Vanna, Serey Arun and Hoeun until 7.45pm with the going-on talks in a loud session. They suddenly faced to reach the time of 7.45pm to go back home. The food in this Grilled Restaurant is very delicious that causes the tin evening party to be satisfied to drink and eat for their relaxation of full-day job performance. Even though just a loaf of grilled beefs on the meat wooden around board it could serve all the customers here with pleasant and one of very young styles of the youths’ lives of social communicative talking romantic restaurant standards. It is not so expensive but very reasonable price for all kinds of the customers or foreigner customers. Unions smells a little chilly and gives more flavor mixing with Anchor beer and also mixed with pepper-salted lime sauce giving them the strong feelings and more talkative for jokes. Phanith and Hoeun ordered one more jug of Anchor beer to spend a bit more. In this last 8 months, Kong Vanna has a vocation because his wife is having a pregnancy and will give the birth of female baby at the end of the year 2010. Serey Arun and Hoeun immediately rushed to eat grilled beefs with vegetables whilst Phanith was giving a roughly commonly smile showing activities of raising 2 couples of fingers on the purpose of sharing the jokes and comedy activity picture. It caused other customers around took a quick glare at them and felt extraordinary. Seating face to face directions, Hoeun and Serey Arun spent most time on food and Anchor because they were hurried up to go back home.

Anchor beer jug was displaying in front of them to certify that it became empty soon whilst other glasses on the party desk were nearly empty of Anchor beer. “Two fingerprints”, Phanith wanted to mean 2 MORE JUGS OF ANCHOR BEER according to Sawin just arrived at the middle of the tin evening party celebration process. There were now remained four persons who just continued to the end of the party because Phanith and Phanak were quickly to go back home with the word “Say Goodbye” ahead to Sawin, Serey Arun, Vanna and Hoeun. These four party members were continually talking about something happy and ordered one more Anchor beer jug to serve the party process in this evening that was very good atmosphere and reasonable weather, not so hot, not so windy but a little blowing and swinging wind from the outside restaurant campus. Also, there were some flower pots with green colour of flowers standing around the party desk which was decorated to make fresh air in the grilled restaurant and make the restaurant more beautiful landscape of the customers’ eyes sight.

It sounded the knocks of knife, forks and glasses hitting each other meant that everything in this evening became ended as soon. Other things must be continually talked later when they have time to release their stressed and complicated feelings. Vanna was laughing at Serey Arun and Hoeun whilst Sawin was taking their activity pictures after Phanith gave them a joke to finish. They said to each other shortly to have good luck, good health, happiness and success in their lives after they cleaned Anchor beer completely because they did not drink much — just a few glasses of Anchor beer for releasing stressed feelings and unhappiness for life. The tin party brought them the warming messages at the end. Finally, it was going to be ended the party at the Grilled Restaurant approximately 7.30pm late evening.


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