About Me

Best Wishes

I am very pleased to have an opportunity to share some useful information about the world and our country.

Welcome all friends, Ladies and Gentlemen! I am very pleasant to have an opportunity to share just some activities of the family members, relatives, friends, experiences in social and market researches, proverbs, self-improvement texts, educations, hometown, tours, picnics, biography, training courses and a lot more.

I hope you read and copy any activity photos. It could probably be an important part in constructing our competencies. For additional documentations, you can download or save as any of those documents. I have selected some main photos and texts to post in this site.

I cooperate with you together to boost the socialized awareness and knowledge to the public. I am passionate to recommend things and other helpful events to share with most of you. I have linked some main websites to read and search news.

I believe that there are some mistakes as well. I satisfactorily welcome to accept all types of your feedback and critical comments for a better improvement. It could be useful and valuable under your support and cooperation.

I wish most of you good health, happiness and success in your lives and more prosperous.

Best Regards,

Oeur Sawin


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