Marketing Research & Graphic Designer

Started from April 2010 to November 2010

Oeur Sawin was appointed to be the Marketing Research and Graphic Designer in charge of art designing various advertising layouts including leaflets, brochures, billboards, banners, book covers, name cards, tabloids, vouchers, coupons, receipts, memos, frames, logos, stamps and other relevant documents.

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 For another duty, he did the research at other universities to find out the weakness and strength to better improve Cambodian International University. He cooperated with Mr Chea Sopheap, the Head of Foundation Year Program, to collect curriculum information on the purpose of comparing and evaluating the quality educational procedures.

Sawin recorded video activities and snapshotted photos in classrooms and formal ceremonies to be prepared for publishing advertisements and documentations. He designed layouts for the Business Development Manager and the president to check before transferring them to marketing department to take action. Sawin assisted president to create the internal documents and prepare curriculums and official letters. He mutually went to the Department of Higher Education and University Association for official document shipments.

In addition, he attended in a workshop of the full-bright programs held by the University Association at the Cambodian-Japanese Cooperation Building in Faculty of Foreign Languages of Royal University. It was also attended and presented by the Ambassadors from USA Embassy with a warming speech in sharing histories of full-bright program founder. He attended in the short-training course learning how to use wireless white board with wireless marker as lecturing. Particularly, he was responsible for translating internal regulations and curriculum procedures in both English and Khmer. He more designed layout drafts of brochures, banners, posts and other designs submitting to the President to be approved and recommended. He cooperated with the Business Development Manager, Pang Sodavith (Justine) and marketing manager to develop advertisement. He also cooperated with his colleagues (eg. Mr. Chiv Veasna-IT, Dane-Secretary & Cashier) to strengthen the work for the Cambodian International University.

In other events, he participated in the graduation ceremony Year of 2010 held by the ELT institute at the National Educational Institute. He joined in the meetings of management board members and main managers. He was advised to share ideas for the better CamIU systems. He was so satisfied by the president, academic advisor, business development manager and marketing manager to encourage the previous achievements in designing. He kept his commitments to cooperate with CamIU for a long future communication.




Field Supervisor (FS)

Started from October 2006 to March 2010

Oeur Sawin was appointed to be the Field Supervisor in charge of managing, monitoring and evaluating various projects in market products (PP, SR, KS, BB, KD, KC and TK), medicines (PP, KS, KC, KD and SR), poisonous chemistry products for better crops (KP, TK, SV, PR, KT, SR, BB and PS) and vegetables (KD and KC), health productivity promotions (PP, SR, KS and BB), medias (PP, KU, KC, PS, BB, KC, KD and TK), economics (PP, KC, SR, KS and KP), social developments (PS, BB, KN and KD), properties (PP), IT consumptions (PP, BB, SR and KS), bird flu (KC, KU, BB, KP, KP, KT and KS), Retail Census 2009 (PP, KD, KU, TK, PR, SV, KP, KS, KK, BB, PS, KN, BM, OM, PH, KC, KT, KR, ST, RT and MK), cigarettes (PP, KU, KS, KP, TK, PV, SV, KC, KT, ST, KD, BB, SR and BM), soft-drinks and personal cares (PP, KC, KR, ST, PV, SV, KD, TK, KP, KS, KU, KN, PS, BB, BM, SR and K), household materials (PP, BB, SR and KS), food cooking and beer tests (PP), beer mysteries (PP), petroleum mysteries (PP, KS, KP, TK, KD, KC, BB and SR), International restaurant mysteries (PP and SR), vehicle model studies (PP, KS, SR and BB), condom awareness (PP, KS, SR, KD, KK, KU and KC), outlet counting retails 2011 (PP, KD, SV, PV, KC, ST, KR, KT, SR, BB, KS, TK, KU, KN, PS and KP).

In deeds, he supervised field staffs implementing projects successfully by following them up and assessed appraisals for field staffs as each project ending. He facilitated and double-checked the field team to make sure their quality performances and field strategies. He oversaw the target areas for MSD’s client purposes. He controlled incentive materials for respondent distributions in each project assigned. He directed Quality Control Procedures to ensure the accuracy of research result and led the field teams coming up with deadlines. Particularly, he was assigned to recruit and interview new staffs in Phnom Penh, Battambang, Kampong Cham and Siem Reap provinces. He communicated with universities and institutes to recruit students for project survey. He arranged some strategies for the field staffs including estimating destination target locations for expenditure purpose.

For more promotional developments, he trained field staffs the projects and translated and revised questionnaires in Khmer and English (Excel). He conducted auditing, observing and mystery of targeted product outlets. He double-checked group leaders’ performances to ensure their field management of data quality collections.  He solved problems as occurred. He conducted in-depth projects related to Cambodians and foreigners successfully such as villagers, village chiefs, commune chiefs, vets, company managers, common employees and NGO presidents. He implemented qualitative and quantitative interviews in Phnom Penh, Kandal, Kampong Speu, Kampong Chhnang, Pursat and Battambang provinces using both muni-buses and motorbikes. He contacted guesthouses and hotels in advanced booking arrangement for qualitative implementations in Kampong Cham and Battambang provinces.

Additional activities, he found out new brands of the products processing projects and drew and planned maps for projects management of Retail Census in Phnom Penh, Kampong Cham, Kratie, Steung Treng, Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri provinces etc. He cooperated with his rapports to conduct mystery of international standard restaurants (SSP) at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap airports. He audits and conducts mystery the petrol station projects in Phnom Penh and provinces. He contacts local authorities and villagers for cooperative activity support in project surveys smoothly and successfully. He stays in the rural and remote villages with his field staffs to save time to complete the projects.

During the arguments or any complains happen, he immediately found out solutions and facilitated between interviewers and the respondents in the cooperation with the PP Head Office. He made daily reports and feedbacks while the projects are processing submitted to MD and FM to ensure the projects coming up on time. He always joined in the project meetings and relevant trainings. He audited and controlled quality in the target outlets (selling product shops, restaurants, supermarkets, markets, discos or bars and stations) after interviewers finishing interview. He monitored and evaluated the field staffs’ effectiveness and quality performances in order to seek weakness roots to improve and change. He also combined feed results from the project implementations. He set up numbers of field staffs for the incoming-up projects. He audited and conducted mystery of beer by checking expired date of manufactured products and services.

More extra entertainment events, he joined in the annual trips held by the company for staffs to visit and relax at Sihanoukville in 2008 and 2009 with nice drinks and sea foods. Historically in November 2007, he was invited with his rapports to study tour in Lao for 3 nights and 4 days in order to have more exchangeable touring experiences in Lao. He went to visit Bolaven plateau surrounded by coffee farms alongside the way to Tad Yueang & Twin waterfall resorts, Pakse Market, Phaphuong waterfall resort, Wat Phou temples, the Khone Phapheng Pearly of Mekong resort. He brought his notebook to record main events from the past to the present time at direct sites. Many things were the Khmer Empire achievements there such as sculptures, temples, mountains, rivers especially Wat Phou which was extremely connected with Preah Vihea temple in Preah Vihea province.

Last, he was appreciated by his company director and other colleagues to encourage and provide more confidences in his job performances and other skills. They have promoted him as the one of the colleagues could bring a significant distribution to the whole work in team and individual with smooth and strong cooperation to accelerate the company image and services to be well-known in the local and international outstanding research company. He has been integrity, easy and hard-working man.




Vice President (Volunteer)

Started from January 2006 to October 2006

RASP is an independent association having purposes of the non-profit, non-political and discriminatory races or religions. It is the local association initially founded by the students’ parents and university students to commit to take care of, observe, monitor and evaluate the children’s educational situations in Cambodia. It is the mobilized group where Sawin voluntarily cooperated to establish and work for in taking part of the country development. Sawin was suddenly assigned and appointed to take the post of Vice President in charge of managing the whole association with Mr Long Tha, the president.

Working for RASP was not so easy because there were a lot of things to do especially the member registrations followed by the statute approved by the Ministry of Interior to implement its activities and should be opened annual workshop to make reports and raise the action plans and project proposals. He made solidarity activities with the parents and students to raise the association to succeed its missions and vision.

Particularly, he arranged petitions submitting to Sangkats (communes), Khan (district), Municipality of Phnom Penh and Ministry of Interior for the official purposes and easy to have cooperative support for ccommunicating with public schools and to offer for monitoring, observing and evaluating the children educational situations. Due to the recent situation, most of the poor people’s children have dropped out of their schools. They have no money to pay for the teachers plus part-time studies and for spending on other relevant study documents especially they have been forced to go far away from their schools for seeking jobs to do in order to help their family as well.

In this situation, Sawin with the President went to discuss with the local public school principles to find out the really rooted problems that caused those students dropping out of their classes. We just found out the issues alerted us to be aware of their family domestic matters and friend persuasions.

For the male students, they were advised by their friends to go out of their classes to play games. Sawin with the president Long Than and followed by other colleagues searched and counseled the dropped-out school students to let them go back to schools without any prejudice. For example, the two Khmer Muslim’s female students were approved by their teacher with our negotiations to go back to study at their schools in Sangkat Chraing Chamresh. Their parents were so happy and got them back to school. We were visiting the villagers indoor and counseling with them.


Full Name



Mr. Long Tha President


Mr. Oeur Sawin 1st President


Mr. Lan Sophal 2nd Vice President


Ms Tith Kim Srey General Secretary


Ms Nou Chakrya Pub & Fore.Com.Officer


Ms Sok Chanrasmey Depute Coordinator


Mr. Ouch Thea Info Distrib. & Recept


Ms Nouv Sokhim Financial Officer


Ms Hok Sophea SP. Facilitator


Mrs. Nhem Saroeun Cahsier

Sawin was setting schedules to train the active members to implement the RASP’s daily activities by enhancing them to go forward those activities to be fitted against the goals. He trained the strategies to raise association with others such as to visit directly villagers and cooperate with the village chiefs for giving our delegates the smooth facilitations to work with the villagers peacefully with solidarity. In addition, he provided the trainees with the ways of speaking, negotiating, solving and contacting the local villagers for RASP’s future permanent members. The trainees could visit people indoor and register members day-to-day with promoting the RASP’s missions and vision.

After training they could solve problems for the members. However, Sawin attended in the official conferences held by some NGOs and Public Forums especially discussing in groups arranged by the Municipality of Phnom Penh in Sangkat Khmuonh to focus on the land divisions to the poor urban people.

For more accurate source and issues, Sawin and the president were conducted survey proposals related to the parents’ children’s educational concerns. The president Long Tha and he went directly to interview the people in Sangkak Ruessey Keo, Chraing Cham Reh and Sangkat Tuol Sangke for collecting data from the real field. They prepared in a combined report to be associated with the proposals to appeal for donations. This was required them to contact and communicate with the international and national partners to get technical supports and funds. By that time, there presents of the different volunteers of worker unions to join in the association to perform the field work with strong commitments and their best.

Moreover, Sawin was preparing official documents, arranging identity cards for them as the active members to confirm when they left their office to work in the field and easy to be recognized by the local authorities and village chiefs. Sawin also had others assisted inputting data and making list of the association staffs. He requested the President to open a P.O. Box at the Cambodian Cooperation Committee (CCC) in order to get hot news and documents from various organizations via boxes. He personally shared his best with some designs to draw, print and cut the letters for decorating a big poster on the front stage with 3 pictures of Preah Sihanouk, Preah Sihamuni and Monineat Sihanouk beside the motto of The Kingdom of Cambodia is underneath Nation, Religion and King.

Saw was designing the banners of the Representative Association for the Students’ Parents including Logo over the door of the front office door. The President Long Tha cooperated to succeed this and to find out some funds to hire an office. Sawin and Sophal took their personal computers to share and work for RASP sometimes overnight time of work but they never complained of what they were doing because this work was also for them and helping the local students. The short-term courses were successfully opened by the a few days later.

Sawin arranged appointments to have a meeting with BOD members to discuss about the action plans and daily activities to succeed the association especially he arranged ahead for president to take full-missionary journeys outside of the association with the international and national non-government organizations, expertise and technical supports. For an example, he took a discussion with president to talk about the association with Dr. Mike from Australian to seek the ways and proposals of raising funds. In the following days, he made agendas to have a sudden meeting with the BOD members to discuss in groups for another journey to meet the director of Human Rights Center (HRC), by that time, HRC managed by H.E. Kim Sokha. The president and he led a group of RASP’s delegates including Mr. Lann Sopha, Mrs. Tith Kim Srey, Ms. Nouv Sokhim, Mr. Ouch Thea, Ms. Sok Chanrasmei, Ms. Nou Chakriya and Ms. Hok Sophea. They were warmly welcomed by the Director Kim Sokha and suggested some changes in conditions of the statute for a better internal development.

According to the real need, the President and Sawin were discussing about some funds to open short courses in English, French, Thai, Japanese and computer trainings because they had enough human resources to run such as Mr. Lann Sophal (IT expert), Mr. Yang Sovannara (the English Teacher), Ms. Nouv Sokhim (the English teacher for the element levels), Mr. Ouch Thea (the office program trainer of computer), Ms Chanrasmey (legal advisor). These training programs were scheduled for three shifts as the morning, afternoon and evening sessions. All the trainers were the RASP’s active members and some voluntary university students to work as the English and Computer Teachers.

Totally, Sawin was satisfied by his president and colleagues for his achievements in working for the non-profit association on the purpose of taking part in developing children educational sectors that those were the initiatives made by the solidarity university students and parents to take care of children educational process. RASP has now focused on the health project to inject and cure diseases for the people in Khan Ruessey Keo in Phnom Penh. Its head office is recently located in National Road No. 5 in Sangkat Chraing Cham Resh II, Khan Ruessey Keo in Phnom Penh consisting of 3 other branches in the same area.




Administration Executive (Volunteer)

Started from December 2004 to January 2006

DODSAP is the non-government organization founded by the groups of Demobilized Soldiers, University Students and The Poor, which is independent, neutral, non-discriminatory, religiously non-discriminatory and not involved with politics or serving as a political party. It works for the benefit of the public and society with its main objectives and goals are:

  • to take part in constructing Cambodia
  • to take part in enhancing democracy and human rights in the country
  • to improve the livelihood of demobilized soldiers
  • to improve the livelihood of the poor
  • to educate and train poor people, demobilized soldiers, and support them in religious matters.
  • to cooperate with intra-institutions of the Royal Government of Cambodia and with international governments to restore Cambodian socioeconomic life.
  • to use proper means of communication with communities and local and international NGOs with the purpose of asking for funds to run the mission and objectives of DODSAP.
  • to thoroughly do research into the real reasons for poverty and attempt to alleviate the problems faced by the poor and demobilized soldiers in particular.


Full Name



Mr. Pray Chhiearn Director


Mr. Chhay Vina Executive Director


Mr. Oeur Sa Win Administrative Executive


Mr. Kim Sokhim Finance Director


Mr. Sang Sam Oun Coordination Director


Ms. Gnel Siye Church Leader


Mr. Un Sreng Church Planter


Mr. Yang Sovannara Record Clerk


Mr. Hâm Sarath English Trainer


Mr. Chhneang Hour Procurement Clerk


Mr. Nou Kosal Engineer Staff


Mr. Yin Khorn Security Staff


Mr. Keo Savoeun Service Staff


Ms. Poch Sokha Cashier


Mr. Dith Sareth Messenger/Driver


Mr. San Oeun Driver


Mrs. Kung Menea Kindergarten Instructor


Mrs. Khat Vanny Women Group Leader


Mr. Un Vichea Good News Disseminator


Mr. Un Sam Ruol Youth Group Leader


Mr. Ry Sopheap Church Service Staff


Ms. Un Chan Deth Trainer of weaving thread silk


Mr. Un Kim San Men Group Leader


Ms. Un Sinith Trainer of weaving thread silk


Ms. Khat Channa Permanent Member


Ms. Saing Sovy Church Service Staff


Mr. Lao Sarat Church Painter


Mr. Un Sopheak Church Assistant


Ms. Loek Chanvortey Permanent Member


Mr. Saing Sam Ol Church Maintainer


Mr. Preng Saorithy Permanent Member


Mr. Chay Leng Permanent Member


Mr. Heab Hoeurn Permanent Member


Mr. Khat Rim Permanent Member


Mrs. Phat Morn Permanent Member


Mr. Chey Teang Poly Technical Advisor


Mr. Nov John Church Service Staff


Mr. Poch Phalla Member


Mr. Poeng Deng Member


Mrs. Suos Sokun Thea Member


Mr. Seth Ra Member

Sawin cooperate to found DODSAP with demobilized soldiers, his friends from universities and the poor who were willing to share their critical thoughts to run this NGO. Sawin was voted to be the administrative executive to make and manage all types of admin documents especially the petitions and other confidences for the organization. He was so active to prepare and share his best for training the active members in the organization. In addition, he participated in writing the project proposals for DODSAP focusing on weaving skills and household businesses. He joined in the discussion with the International Consultant Chro Kosona who is well-known the expert in preparing documents. The project proposals were a little difficult because we needed to rush conducting the surveys at the direct areas to submit to East West institute.

The board members and him were preparing a group discussion and writing reports at Mr. Chhay Vina’s house for full-night and day. They worked overnight to succeed proposals on deadlines just one day remained later for submitting the project proposal to East West Institute. The participants in joining in the writing proposal were Mr. Pray Chhien, Mr. Chhay Vinna, Mr. Oeur Sawin, Mr. Chhneang Hour, Mr. Kim Sokhim, Mr. Sang Sam Oun, Mr. Yang Sovannara, Mr. Hom Sarath, Mr. Nou Kosal, Mr. Keo Savoeun, Mr. Un Sreng and Ms. Ngel Siye. They were given the samples of the project proposal by Mr. Chrov Kosona. The time went quickly to reach the deadline day to submit the project proposal to the East-West Institute. The DODSAP representative and Consultant were invited by the EWI to represent and respond various questions made by the EWI before they it was to be approved the total funds as mentioned in the project proposals.

However, for daily activities, Sawin was training staff members how to prepare and report after they accomplished their work performances because it was accurate to push all of the active members to have full and confidential competencies in performing their jobs. Mr. Chhay Vinna also trained the methodologies to run a microfinance project which one should be selected to open. Mr. Vinna used his experiences of microfinance to train the ways they could use funds to make funds. It was very good for the targeted people to take loans from DODSAP. For instance, Mr. Pray Chhiean, the director, also trained about the Christian project which one of the most attractive performances could bring the foreigner guests to join in the organization activities, for meditating and learn the spirit life of the peaceful thoughts and happiness for all. He guided the ways to sing God songs to call out the peace and good luck for them. Sawin joined in chanting and praying God peacefully.

For communication with the public and the private or international and national partners were always used English as a mechanism. Saw was translating and interpreting alternatively with Yang Sovannara during workshops and official documents to donors especially when the foreign guests were invited to join in praying God. Some foreign guests could speak Khmer and understand Khmer well that was less used English. After director and board members set the statute and other relevant documents, those were required to translate into English to represent with the donors in the purpose of cooperative supports. To succeed the activities, Sawin with the colleagues to communicate with the local authorities for smooth and cooperative supports to alleviate our works at the directly targeted areas gaining good moods. The communication is very important for this organization to link its works with related parties.

It was not enough if only visiting the targeted people, so Sawin with his colleagues started to design questionnaires to conduct the data collections in Sangkat Prey Sar and neighbouring Sangkats. They did want to know the real rooted problems that the targeted people concerned much and what could be alert them to pay their attentions in DODSAP’s missions and vision to give them back the best solutions by the organization officers. DODSAP took some of its charity gifts to distribute to the local poor people led by Mr. Sang Sam Oun with the organization officers Mr. Lao Sarath (now studies and works in Canada), Mr. Chhneang Hour (now lives and works in Batheay district), Mr. Nou Kosal, Mr. Keo Savoeun and Mr. Un Sreng. They also counseled with the villagers of what they urgently required to help.

Another important for him was to set the agendas and schedules to arrange appointments with the director for missions with international and internal non-government organizations to enrich more images for DODSAP and fundraising purposes as well. They went to contact WorldVision and other reliefs.

Succeeding missions and vision was also required Sawin to make daily meetings to ensure the action plans gradually progress with quality by training what extracted from other sources and to weekly report activities and action plans and presenting to the Board of Directors. Mr. Oeur Sawin attended in the conference at Cambodiana Hotel held by Comfrel with the local non-government organizations objecting on the empowerment of the local women and children in each target areas. During this conference, Sawin raised questions about the past experiences and recent issues of DODSAP conducting to be discussed in the conference were taking for a half-day period.

Based on the recent issues that the local poor children lacked of the educational assistances, so the organization opened English Training Courses in the evening class for them in the head office in Sangkat Prey Sar. They were trained and taught by Mr. Sang Sam Ol with Mr. Pray Chhiean. These courses provide the poor children with the Language learning.

In the administration affairs, Sawin was preparing official documents, identity cards and relevant documents for the active members. He helped in setting up the data collection survey with BOD members to be conducted with villagers in Sangkat Prey Sar and neighbouring Sangkats. He published posters, printed lists and activity photos to post on the notice board at the head office. Mr. Chhiean found out some useful books for the organization especially the spiritual and admin documents.

Moreover, he made daily meetings to ensure the action plans gradually progressing with quality. He set up the official groups to solve and facilitate the problems for people the target areas. The main officials named Mr Prey Chhiean (director), Mr Chhay Vinna (Executive Director), Mr Hour, Kim Sokhim, Oeur Sawin, Yang Sovannara, Hom Sarath, Ms Sokha, Mr Saing Sam Oun, Mr Sreng, Ms Ngel Siye and officials were arranged to cooperate with relevant sides to run the organization.

Recently, DODSAP is running the Christian projects in the Prey Speu village, Sangkat Prey Sar, Khan Dangkor, Phnom Penh led by Mr. Pray Chhiean. Some of our founders are busy in their personal businesses and works that could not be having them in this organization. Mr. Pray Chhiean operates the organization with cooperation from the world relief organization in supporting funds and technical materials. Most of the attractive projects are related to Christians assisting the local villagers in developing life of spirits.




Independent Representative (Part-time)

Started from October 2005 to September 2006

Oeur Sawin was appointed to be an independent representative to do the part-time job to participate in Network Marketing Business to promote and train people. He set up agendas for trainings and led team members (downlines) to strengthen their competencies in doing network marketing business. He made appointments with people to discuss about the new and modernized tactic ways in the network business. He attended in Hot Training courses of network marketing made by the successful uplines who conducted the sessions at the Intercontinental hotel with more than 500 participants, Head Office and Sub-Office branches with more than 30 participants daily in Sangkat Phsar Thmei III and Sangkat Boeung Keng Kang I in Phnom Penh.

Sawin attended in the MexTrain at Sokha Angkor with more than 400 participants and Angkor Century hotels with more than 350 participants in Siem Reap to strengthen mind-set and heart potential power. He joined in groups to do the hot exercise to pull out of weakness in heart. He led his downline members to train and discuss about the strategies to get more prospects to be members. He also prepared network business lessons for training. He worked cooperatively and independently with downlines (Mr. Long Tha, Mr. Ly, Mr. Chhiet) and uplines (top leaders named Pang Nhoeun, Srun Kunthea and Mey Samon). Moreover, he endeavoured obstacles and feedback refutations.

This networking business was required him to attend the trainings both night time and daytime with top leaders including Mr Tek Ket, Mr Loeung Chhay, Mr Chea Heng, Mr Chek Lim, Mr Chhim Sabonn, Mr Pang Nhoeun and Mr Srun Kunthea. He worked with his upline named Mr Prom Sovannara with some material supports. During trainings, all the trainees must do their best from their hearts to love each other. He also trained overnight. This Network Marketing is the deepest core of love businesses to let us make solidarity for our one nation, image of Cambodia. We did the network business but we also loved our uplines and downlines in helping each other as required.

This business is mostly met negative ideas and refutations from different people because they were advised to pay for the precious products first and then become the members. Then they just convinced and trained only two of their new downlines to do as the same as they do. This networking business has its own motto called “CAMBODIA! HAPPY! CAMBODIA! HAPPY!” that filtrates into some countries to know who is Cambodia? It also provides more well-known reputation in the world from Cambodia. Sawin learnt a lot from this business related to time management and project plans to run any types of businesses.




Lecturer of English (Part-time)

Started from March 2005 to October 2006

Sawin was approved to take part in teaching students the English in 2-year and 4-year programs. As the English lecturer at the higher educational institute, he was to be in charge of teaching the Associate Students, Bachelor Degree students in year 1 & 2. He made lesson plans and observed four-year students during the practicum period was beginning. He led students to study comfortably and enjoyably in groups and individually with handout distributions. He provided his students more homework and class exercises for checking and evaluating the percent of the students’ language knowledge. He functioned as invigilator when the state exams happen.

He controlled and monitored students doing the exam independently and no cheating activities happen. He took his students’ exam papers to be marked and submitted to the Dean. He was invited to attend in the lecturers’ workshop to improve the ways of teaching and develop more technic skills in the modernized educational world. Moreover, he joined in the university meeting with all staffs in order to strengthen the friendship and cooperation between lecturers and internal staffs. During teaching process, he was to make tests and reports to the Dean Ith Essara of Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Foreign Languages and submitted the reports of students’ scores to the head of the academic department.

However, Sawin welcomed all types of positive and negative feedbacks from the students to be responded and made some changes in ways of teaching. He was, of course, to understand the students’ abilities. He followed the university rule in teaching and mixing reflexive activities. He met many different of ideas from his students who only came to study in weekend classes were public and private officials related to the recent society performances. He presented and lectured clearly to students. He provided his students score lists and exam papers on time. Sawin was welcomed by the office staffs and other language lecturers to work cooperatively for Asia Euro University which is gradually developing and enlarging the capacity.




English Teacher & Tutor (Part-time)

Started from July 2004 to February 2005

Oeur Sawin was approved by Mr. Chiv Soktha, the Center Director, to be the part-time teacher of English at The Boston Town Center closed to the Niroth pagoda located in Sangkat Niroth, Khan Mean Chey. Sawin was in charge of teaching English from Level 2 to Level 4. He created his teaching lesson plans for the center and prepared the daily tests for his students. Most of the students came from the villages in Sangkat Prek Pra, Chba Ampov II and Niroth. Some of them were monks from the Niroth pagoda studying with him. Teaching at BTC was not so easy because he had to drive his motorbike from Boeung Keng Kang Pir after he finished his work at CLW in the evening. He raised a lot of points to make students think and made a decision in choosing correct answers in the lessons.

For instant activities in the class, he made some lesson games to make class fresh and nice to understand the core concept of each lessons. He successfully served the students with complete satisfactions during the English class attendance at BTC. The center arranged meetings weekly with English, French and Thai teachers to discuss about the methodologies and other teaching strategies to develop and increase numbers of students for the Boston Town Center.

In each six months, the center held the graduation ceremony for the students who successfully accomplished their courses. Sawin attended in the graduation ceremony on Saturday, January 1, 2005 to give his students the encouragements to strive studying languages for their lives in the social communications with other people all over the world. At the end of the term, he was satisfactorily invited by his students to join their parties. Mr. Chiv Soktha gave a warming thank for his teaching achievements.


Khmer Editor & General Assistant

Started from January 2003 to March 2005

CLW was one of the Translation/Interpretation Agencies running by the Chinese businesswoman who came from China dei kork. CLW was located in Sangkat Boeung Keng Kang II. Sawin was appointed to be the Khmer editor and general assistant in charge of collecting the data of service prices from various clients and to proofread and edit official documents. He did the researches and accumulated the number of clients with NGOs, shops, stores, firms and companies plus distributing CLW’s brochure and leaflet dissemination. He was directly meeting with CLW’s clients. He corrected and proofread texts in Khmer-English. Particularly, he was to arrange invoices and send to the clients. Habitually in receiving urgent documents, he had to translate and interpret Khmer-English. He asked his Operation Manager to go out for communicating with clients. He made reports of translation services price and quality.

Oeur Sawin has participated in meetings to raise strategic ideas to CLW’s director. He attended the activities made by Ms Christina Liu such as doing some games during Chinese Happy New Year and arranging some quiz exercises while workshop happening. He shipped documents mutually with ILO and others. He worked so cooperatively and smoothly with Lak Sok Eang, the Operation Manager. After editing and proofreading, he went out with his boss Ms Christina Liu to take some visits at the markets. He interpreted from Khmer to English and English to Khmer for the boss. Mr Christina gave him a warming confidentiality and big thanks for the previous achievements for CLW improved




Executive Clerk to Rector

Started from December 2001 to January 2003

NU is the first higher educational institute where Oeur Sawin was, based on his improvements and curiosities in self-development, to be appointed and promoted to be executive clerk to the NU rector in charge of designing newsletters, book covers, bulletins, banners, fliers and tabloids. He paid his particular attention to categorize involved documents in correct order for the tidy working room and easy finding purposes. Sawin was conducting the research by collecting information from the relevant higher education institutes in order to find out the UN’s weakness to be improved. He was organizing notice boards for issuing updated information and promoting advertisements for NU and BNN. He typed English texts and designed newsletters for Post-Graduate School headed by Dr. Elenida Mazo. He eagerly used his best of potentialities to learn new things in the designing fields. He took a look at the foreign styles of designs. He printed Degrees, Certificates, formal letters and Students’ identity cards. He worked with Mr Samrith, Meas Sam Ol, Ou Phirum and Mrs Quenie near the rector room. Working for Rector was not so easy but he was improving because he worked over time and under pressure as well. Here many things to design for the university business purposes. He never complained but he required new things to do. He was an easy and hard-working person who developed from the center security guard. He always kept updating his professional skills. His position here had to be reflexive and so smart in performing jobs due to the highest levels in the range of office offices. He helped the rector type both Khmer and English documents especially for some lecturers’ documents such as Ben Chhum, Teav Bunlor, Chan Rath, Keo Sam Ol and Chamnan. He also designed names for Keo Sam Ol, Sok Uttara, Han To and so on. He revised designing tasks and designed bachelor degree form and produced ID cards, certificates.

For more event activities of NU, Sawin assisted regular conferences and meetings to make reports, take official photos and program video activities for publishing advertisement and documented. He joined the annual university parties and trips to Preah Sihanoukville. He was satisfactorily required to design layout drafts in all before the approve was made. He attended in the short courses related to Secretarial Affairs especially the short term course of Internet Application, E-mail and the ways to make webpages with HTML codes. He supervised some staffs for rector. He communicated regularly with various departments of the university.


Computer Operator and Office Staff

Started from March 1999 to October 2001

It was the first time of when Sawin left his hometown for the city work and higher education purposes. He started to work as the BNN security guard to arrange the secured environment, to prepare some floors, to fix the electric wires in the BNN building, to distribute leaflets, brochures, banners at the target locations in groups and individual. He was working with Tay (electrician), Teng and Theng (electricians), Tin (Driver), Srey Mom (Cleaner), Run (Driver & Security Manager), Sok San (Driver), Borey (Guard), Sun Sari (Head Office), Pay Chheng Hov (Operation Manager), Oeurng Saratha (BNN Secretary), Sopheap (Gard), Hour (PC Instructor), Vantha (PC Instructor), Rith (Guard) and other staffs. There were some repairing rooms required all the staffs in security, environment (cleaner), driving and electrical and other relevant fields to cooperate together to break bricks and walls to be updated. He was always taking care of his improvements day-to-day for jumping out of this job.

According to the strong commitment, Oeur Sawin was strictly developing his skills and pushing his position to be higher. In his free time, he took part in studying computer training and English courses day-to-day when his rapports felt lazy and finding his mistakes of paying less work to report to the center director Mr. Chan Sokhieng (now NU rector). However, Sawin was suddenly appeared his improvements by the center director to appoint and promote him to the computer operator and office staff in charge of investigating the instructing hours of the teachers and lecturers, managing and installing the students’ databases, copying significant documents, making reports on consumption of materials monthly, taking sometimes to teach students the English, shipping documents from BNN to NU and NU to BNN. In addition, he controlled the BC campus environments, led the cleaners to do some clean wherever needed. He invigilated the students’ exam. He cooperated with Ms Oeung Saratha to work successfully to better and develop the Banana Center. Due to his current professional improvements, Sawin was satisfactorily promoted to change his position to be the executive clerk working with the Rector at Norton University. He improved fast because his strong commitment to work on the purpose of avoiding the non-developing person.




English Part-time Teacher

Started from 1998 before leaving for the city

It was the first time of starting to teach English in the Serey Mongkoul High School (SMKHS) because Sawin was also busy in Grade 12 General Preparation Studies to do the Final General Education. He began to teach English just with 2 students through English Book One during he was staying in his Uncle Po Ol and Aunt Ming Muth in Rokakong II commune, Moukampol District, Kandal province. He studied and worked hard at the same time due to his house in Kampong Cham far from his high school. He also helped his uncle and aunt to plant vegetables especially potatoes. He had to get early morning to assist potato preparation for his aunt to daily sell at the Chong Prek market. He went to school in the morning and taught English in the evening. He got more numbers of students day-to-day. When he taught English BOOK ONE, Headway, Streamlines, English Conversation Course and Grammar. He learnt to create new lessons plans for his students after he finished class. It was not so easy for him to start teaching at the first time.

Moreover, he was invited by other students to teach more conversations in English and English Book Two and some required to teach newspapers how to make structures, phrases, paragraphs and words constructing. He opened a small class to teach at his home in Taing Kork village. He promoted numbers of students to study English Book One. He had to read and take more new words daily. He gradually improved his professional skill of teaching. He took his free time to help his parents work in his hometown village, Taing Kork. He went to harvest rice and find woods for the family and sell for some benefit. He never complained and still tried to push his life to improve and reaching into the urban competitive challenging.




Employed Period: 2006-10-16 @7.30 until 2010-03-31 @17:00

This is the third job recommendation that Sawin successfully achieved his job performances from MSD. It is to certify that all employers and employees who have worked for public and private institutes such as schools, universities, institutes, training schools, companies, entrepreneurs, firms, printing houses, organizations, associations or union workers, personal businesses, they must have been recommended in their job achievements made by their institute supervisors to make sure that those individuals are actually guaranteed both competencies and characteristics for any official use. Sawin got his job recommendation from Mr. Eng Poeu, the Managing Director of Market Strategy & Development Co., Ltd. because Sawin confirmed the company to resign one month ahead.

Sawin was identified and certified by the following details in the A4 layout of MSD Letterhead formation with the embossed header with the “MSD’s address and contact numbers” on the right top in blue colour and the logo on the left side. It is stated such as:

March 31, 2010


Oeur Sawin has been employed with Market Strategy & Development Co., Ltd (MSD) from October 16, 2006 to March 31, 2010 as a Field Supervisor. His responsibilities included; assisting in project management, supervising field research staff, and directing Quality Control procedures to ensure the accuracy of research results.

During this period, Oeur Sawin has made significant improvements and contributed greatly to the success of the company. He has always been very willing to accept new responsibilities and has performed very well in these duties.

Oeur Sawin also has taken an active role in MSD’s expansion in to the provinces. He has assisted with the recruitment of MSD staff in Phnom Penh and provinces, manage various aspects of Phnom Penh and provincial research, and have made an important contribution to the success of his work. He has also been involved in briefing interviewers for various projects and has performed very well in this capacity.

All in all, Oeur Sawin has been a valuable employee and will be missed. He has always been very cheerful and willing, and is respected by the MSD staff. In providing this recommendation, I can honestly say that Oeur Sawin will be an important addition to any organization.


Eng Peou

Managing Director



Employed Period: 1999-03-15 @8.00 until 2003-01-04 @09:40

This is the first job recommendation that Sawin accomplished his job from Norton University and the Banana Center. It is to certify that all employers and employees who have worked for public and private institutes such as schools, universities, institutes, training schools, companies, entrepreneurs, firms, printing houses, organizations, associations or union workers, personal businesses, they must have been recommended in their job achievements made by their institutes to make sure that those individuals are actually guaranteed both competencies and characteristics while they were working in their past work space. For example, Sawin got his job recommendation from Norton University affiliated by the Banana Center because these two institutes are related to each other with one owner.

Sawin was identified and certified by the following details in the A4 layout of NU Letterhead formation with the embossed background with the “Norton University” in the very light blue. It is stated such as:

Ref.: TL/isv/03-02

Date: January 4, 2003


To is certify that Mr. Oeur Sawin (DOB: March 20, 1980) worked as Computer Operator form March 1999 until October 2001 at Studies Offices of the Banana Center, and affiliation of Norton University and as Executive Clerk at Rector’s office at Norton University from October 2001 to January 1, 2003.

Mr. Oeur Sawin successfully carried out his duty and responsibility in both places. Owing to his high quality performance at the former place, he was transferred to the letter place. Here, his main responsibility was to design charts, leaflets and other related documents of the school on the computer.

Mr. Oeur Sawin is diligent, meticulous, patient, and committed in his job performance. With the said qualities, he deserves much love from his colleagues and superiors.

It is with much pleasure that I comment Mr. Oeur Sawin to you and wishes him well for his future undertakings.

Kindest regards,

Te Laurent

Vice Rector



Employed Period: 2003-02-02 @8.00 until 2005-03-10 @16:20

The next certificate of the Job Recommendation which will be described in details is from the translation/interpretation service agency named CHRISTINA’S LANGUAGE WORKSHOP (CLW).

It is normally used the same A4 Layout but the Letterhead is light yellow similar to sandy colour because the agency owner likes the light colour, name Ms. Christina Liu. She, the International Businesswoman, was from China opening the firm in Phnom Penh. She ran multiple language services such as Khmer to English, English to Khmer, French to English, English to French, French to Khmer and Khmer to French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese and Korean. Unprecedentedly, she passed the Green Card to Work and Live in Canada, one of the programs she tried many times. All the employees reviewed their job achievement recommendations after they stopped working such as CLW, Sawin resigned with the following commendation. It was certified by the CLW’s director said as the follows:

March 10, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

I am very pleased to certify that Mr. Oeur Sawin has worked in the Christina’s Language Workshop for over 2 years until CLW closed on March 15, 2005.

During his work here, he has proved himself to be an honest, trustworthy, responsible and hardworking person. He always works the fullest to his best knowledge and he is particularly excellent with detailed work. He is not a person of many words but has always been a reliable executor of tasks assigned to him. His language skills with Khmer and English are quite good which enables him to work with our translator’s very smoothly. Actually, he has been practicing translation himself over the years and trying to improve himself. I believe that once he gets familiar with the topic used at the workplace, he can no doubt shoulder some translation responsibilities for the organization. Also, he is highly skillful with computer.

Mr. Oeur Sawin is an easy-going person and works very well in a team. He is polite and respectful to our clients and is friendly and supportive to his co-workers. He is eager to upgrade himself and is willing to take advice from others.

I have no hesitation to recommend him to any organization, which I believe will be benefited from his loyal service since the qualities he has are the most valuable ones among all.

Yours sincerely,

Christina Liu


Christina’s Language Workshop



Studied Period: 2000 until 2001-07-28 @20:00

Phnom Penh on July 28, 2001, Mr. Sawin obtained the Certificate of Appreciation for the successful completion in charge of Class Monitor to assist the lecture and class members such as ticking the member attendance and report who requested the a leave summiting to the university.

According to the class monitors’ efforts in taking part of urging the educational implementation of Norton University, the Council of the Academic & Students’ Affairs of Norton University found the reward ceremony to satisfy all class monitors uncourageously. However, some students felt less pleased to see this result because they were not brave to perform as the candidate to be voted when the class required.

In the above certificate said: THIS CERTIFICATE IS AWARDED TO Mr. OEUR SAWIN, STD identity card no. 5192, Faculty: English Year: I for having satisfactorily served as Class Leader in the Academic Year 2000-2001. This Certificate of Appreciation was given to SAWIN on 30 July 2001 from Norton University at Tor Peng Leap resort in Preak Ounh Chanh village in Moukampol district in Kandal province, Cambodia. It was signed by TE LAURENT on the purpose of encouraging Oeur SAWIN for having satisfactorily served as Class Leader in the academic year 2000 – 2001. The red stamp of Norton University has been marked on the certificate. Phnom Penh dated July 28, 2001; it is stamped in red colour and signed by Te Laurant, Vice Rector In charge of Admin & Finance.


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